Hewwo~ Alfwed the hewo here. Well um, maybe not HERE. I'm off on a new adventure! With Mattie of course. He's my twusted sidekick. We pway awound all the time. It's what we do when Engwand's not awound to pway with us. Wanna come with us too? The more the mewwier~ n_n

((Hello admin here. This is mainly an ask blog for Chibi Alfred from Hetalia so feel free to drop some asks. There will be some fanart here and there as well and maybe an occasional rp too. Don't expect me to be literate though. I'll try my best to be in character. Oh, and art is drawn by me. Gomen in advanced for the derpiness of it. ; W ;
That is all and hope you enjoy your stay. ))
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